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Custom Insurance Platform

June 02, 20235 min read

“Insurance is a business built on relationships and service. We listen to our clients to understand what their individual needs are. Then we educate them on all the benefits available to ensure they get access to quality care while focusing on affordable outcomes,”
- Tyler Rees, Chief Executive Officer

What we do:

Deliver a Customized Solution

With decades of combined experience in the insurance industry, our founding partners saw the need for a custom technology platform that helps agents scale with ease. We pride ourselves on providing the best system all in one place to help our agents grow. Take a look:

CRM and Automation

Our custom online platform is your portal to the most advanced tools in the insurance industry. Designed to help you scale your business from day one, our CRM technology with advanced marketing, Sunfire Matrix, and PTC digital form provides the tools you need all in one place. Having one login to access all your applications will provide the structure your business needs to scale and automate your business flow. Automation is prebuilt into each system and launched with just a click.


Your custom online platform launches Sunfire from the main menu. SunFire collects and distills data from 80+ insurance carriers, offering 1300+ Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. Then, based on the customer’s personal information, SunFire identifies the ideal plan with the lowest annual cost to enroll your customer in real-time.

IFG University

The IFG University provides sixty-plus hours of online training at your fingertips.

Tech Support

You have questions. We have answers. Our team of qualified tech support specialists can assist you in every aspect of your custom online platform. Not only do we provide registered users with help and advice about their platform, but we provide monthly training classes to keep you up-to-date with new improvements and yearly additions.

How we do it:

Simplify the Details

We provide hands-on support to ensure our agents breeze through the rigorous contracting process. You work hard for your clients and deserve quick and accurate compensation. Our team of specialists makes it easy.


IFG employs multiple in-house team members specializing in only one thing: contracting. This dedicated team takes you through the contracting process as swiftly.


Know how your team is doing from your online dashboard with daily sales reports, carrier data aggregation, and more.

Commissions Payable

You work hard for your clients and deserve quick and accurate compensation. Our specialists are experienced and highly trained. They work seamlessly with carriers. You can count on them to get your commissions paid without delay.

Compliance Over-site

We employ a dedicated team of compliance experts who educate our agents on enrolling properly.

Marketing matters:

Market Your Business Like No Other

Connecting you with the correct direct mail, digital marketing, and telemarketing leads is what we do best. Built by a team of seasoned experts in the insurance field, we supply multiple insurance agencies and carriers with high-quality leads on a massive scale. In addition, we specialize in developing leads specifically for the Insurance industry.

Direct Mail

IFG generates Direct Mail leads utilizing our own in-house mailing department. We aggregate data from several industry-leading sources to capture the data that best meets our lead-type demographics that have excelled over the last several years. In addition, the data is scrubbed against the latest address verification list to ensure ample delivery.

Digital Leads

Engineered for success, our Facebook, Google, and YouTube CMS-approved ad campaigns generate some of the best leads in the insurance industry. Our digital marketing team makes it easy for you to set up a targeted campaign and optimize it continuously to maximize your ad spend and drive lead conversions that work for you.

Creative Services

The main goal of our creative team is to design and execute campaigns that encourage your desired target audience to buy your products. Our team is also responsible for creating a consistent brand image for you through look, voice, and messaging. In addition, we employ writers and web and graphic designers to help you build your specific brand identity.

Committed to service:

You deserve support

Working with IFG, you will gain access to world-class insurance support, like:

Marketing Dollars

We will ensure you get the funding you need, whether local or carrier marketing dollars.

Certified Trainers

Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, and Medicare, we have on-staff employees across the country to help train any age at any stage of their practice.

Third-Party Verification

We partner with Sunfire to provide a first-in-class third-party verification process that allows our clients to confirm their Medicare enrollment and ensure they have the best plan to fit their needs.

Amazing incentives:

Make Your Dreams A Reality

Our performance speaks for itself. IFG was ranked #78 in 2022 by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in America and #1 in the insurance industry. Knowledgeable and accomplished, our professionals and staff support close to 13,000 independent agents, representing a multitude of A-rated carriers who serve the needs of millions of clients annually. Join our team, and let’s grow!

Leadership Retreat

Participants are selected based on results from individual production volume and business quality.

Carrier Incentives

Insurance companies we work with reward our top-producing agents with luxury trips all around the world.

Get in Touch

You’ve got questions, and we have answers. Whether you are a consumer looking for coverage, or an agent wanting to join our team, we can make it happen. Call 888-241-1470. Our team will be in touch.

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Tyler Rees

Tyler Rees is the Chief Executive Officer at Innovative Financial Group (IFG), one of the fastest-growing insurance platforms in the country. Tyler is the driving force behind IFG's successful business model, delivering end-to-end solutions to agents, clients, and carriers. Under his leadership, IFG has experienced unprecedented growth in the Medicare space with over 3,500 licensed Medicare agents, providing solutions to clients in all 50 states.

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You've got questions, we have answers. Whether you are a consumer looking for coverage, or an agent wanting to join our team, we can make it happen. Click below and fill out the form. Our team will be in touch.

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You've got questions, we have answers. Whether you are a consumer looking for coverage, or an agent wanting to join our team, we can make it happen.

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